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horror / USA / 2017 / 100’
# paranormal phenomena / mental illness / fear / polish premiere
age limits: 16 +
23.09 (Saturday) / at  00:15 night / Sala Widowiskowa

You cannot run away from the nightmare within.
An intellectually handicapped boy follows the orders of his mirror image – a soulless creature who haunts his dreams. The sadistic monster drives him into a killing spree.
It can rarely be said that the movie is personal to such a degree that it becomes a testament of its creator, and literally so. The director and scriptwriter of “The Evil Within” died during the completion of the project. Andrew Getty was a heir of an oil tycoon whose fortune was worth millions of dollars. In the work of his lifetime, he wanted to express the nightmarish visions that plagued him, the products of his drug-fueled imagination. He set himself a dare-devil task. The project dragged for 15 years, mostly due to Getty’s artistic perfectionism – he constantly improved each detail, each prop, each take. As a result, “The Evil Within” is a movie born from passion and the need of self-expression, far from blockbuster productions that prioritize profit and cost efficiency. Expenses were covered by Getty himself, led the heir to the fortune to financial ruin. At last, however, we can watch the final effect – a movie one of its kind that owes its
strength and weakness to complete artistic freedom. The Evil Within might at times lack order and coherence, which is, paradoxically, for the best. After all, it is a record of a feverish, haunted mind, and makes an invaluable testimony as such. The movie’s highlights are not limited to this single level. Apart from the shaky, camp aesthetics – or perhaps because of them – this movie has a soul. POLISH PREMIERE.
PREMIERE: Fantasporto Film Festival 2017

direction: Andrew Getty
script: Andrew Getty
direction of photography: Stephen Sheridan
editing: Michael Luceri
music: Mario Grigirov
cast:  Sean Patrick Flanery, Dina Meyer, Frederick Koehler,
Michael Berryman, Brianna Brown, Kim Darby.
producers: Robert S. Hickey, Kent Van Vleet, Michael Luceri
production: Supernova, LLC, & The Writers Studio, LLC
rightholder: Vision Films
language: English
subtitles: Polish