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show yourself

horror, drama / USA / 2016 / 79’
# paranormal phenomena / fear / ghost story / euro pean premiere
age limits: 16+
16.09 (Saturday) / at 9:40 p.m. / Sala Widowiskowa

The last goodbye that doesn’t end.
When his friend Paul dies unexpectedly, Travis heads into the woods to say goodbye to Paul and to scatter his ashes. Being bereaved, he realizes that he is not alone in the woods. His curiosity turns to horror when Travis is faced with something both inexplicable and frighteningly familiar.
A debut feature film by Billy Ray Brewton, „Show Yourself,” should be recommended to watch for film students as well as for professional filmmakers. Despite the low budget of his film, Billy Ray Brewton has managed to create not only a satisfying horror movie but also a well-written psychological study of the main character. Such a combination is not easy to be achieved even for experienced directors. As a novice filmmaker, Brewton is aware of the principles of an on-screen fictional reality as well as limits resulting from the low budget of the film. Consequently, “Show Yourself,” which has premiered at the Bruce Campbell Festival (yes, the Bruce from “Evil Dead”), is definitely noteworthy. However, once you watch it you will think twice before overnight trips into the woods. EUROPEAN PREMIERE
PREMIERE: Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival 2016

direction: Billy Ray Brewton
script: Billy Ray Brewton  
directon of photography: Alex Cameron
editing: Eric Ekman  
music: Flannery Miles
cast: Ben Hethcoat, Corsica Wilson, Clancy McCartney, David McElwee, Barak Hardley, Stephen Cone, Robert Longstreet
producers: Billy Ray Brewton, Cameron West, Ash Christian
production: Glass Half Pictures, Ghost Road Pictures
rightholder: Summer Hill Entertainment
language: English
subtitles: Polish