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survival thriller / Australia / 2016 / 88’
# violence / ozploitation / survival
15.09 (Friday) / at 10:00 p.m./ Sala Kinowa
20.09 (Wednesday) / at 7:00 p.m./ Sala Kinowa
22.09 (Friday) / at 11:30 p.m./ Sala Kinowa

When an idyll turns into hell.
Ian and Samantha take a trip to National Park in Tasmania to spend some quiet time camping, far away from the city hustle. In a secluded spot, they find a car and a tent but no sign of campers.
During their hike in the forest they find a child and run into local hunters. This starts a series of horrifying events that will put their relationship and psychic to the test while struggling for survival on this uncharted territory.
Even though many horror movies begin with a similar story, this time we’re dealing with a film which is led in a very original and intelligent manner. A sensation of anxiety and nervousness accompany from the very beginning.
The shocking plot, unexpected twists and realism, in showing violence as well, create an outstanding movie in all survival horror movies.
Damien Power, debuting in feature movie director’s chair, admits to wonder if faced with danger, would he be able to protect his family. And the movie itself was born from the fear for his own children and parenthood anxieties.
“Killing Ground” is an unconventional quality movie, inspired by classic survival thrillers from the 70’s and Australian exploitation films (Ozploitation). The movie is full of brutal violence, which is deeply analyzed. It was appreciated on Sundance Film Festival in 2017. Viewer discretion is advised.
PREMIERE: Melbourne International Film Festival 2016

direction: Damien Power
script: Damien Power
direction of photography: Simon Chapman
editing: Katie Flaxman
music: Leah Curtis
cast: Aaron Pedersen , Ian Meadows , Harriet Dyer , Aaron Glenane
producers: Joe Weatherstone , Lisa Shaunessy
production: Hypergiant Film , Superpower Film Production, Arcadia
rightholder: Films Distribution
language: English
subtitles: Polish