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horror, thriller / USA / 2018 / 1h 33

# fear and terror / sex / demons / magic / the forces of evil / mysterious cults / Polish premiere


Malcolm in the Middle


The life of young Jonathan hasn’t been easy. He didn’t manage to escape his hometown, he’s stuck slaving away on the night shifts at a local store and the loneliness doesn’t help either. Deprived of love and warmth, his existence is sad and monotonous. A lack of experience and gullibility lead to him falling for the oldest trick in the book – he calls a number from an advertisement believing that there are ready for anything girls in his neighbourhood. A meeting with the likeable Dena goes unexpectedly well and they end up spending the night together. On the next day, however, Jonathan wakes up and notices a weird rash. His attempts to find the woman don’t pan out and he’s starting to experience horrifying nightmares and hallucinations. His family worries about his mental health. Jonathan is led to believe that he has ended up as the target of a sinister and demonic scheme. The fight for his life begins, against forces he does not comprehend.

“The Black String” is a subtle mix of “It Follows”, “Stranger Things” and “A Dark Song”. Hanson’s film is slow, calm and climactic. The director takes his time to build up the tension, takes advantage of ambiguity and hides the answers until the very end. There is no spectacular fight with the forces of evil here, rather a desperate attempt to escape death. Fans of Muniz will definitely be satisfied as the actor known from “Malcolm in the Middle” does an amazing job at displaying his increasing madness and desperate rage.

WORLD PREMIERE: The Austin Film Festival 2018

Age restrictions: 15+


LUBLIN: 14.12 (Saturday) / 14.30 / Centre of Culture / BUY TICKETS

WARSAW: 4.12 (Wednesday) / 19.00 / Kinoteka room 2 / BUY TICKETS


director: Brian Hanson
writer: Richard Handley, Brian Hanson
cast: Frankie Muniz, Blake Webb, Chelsea Edmundson
director of photography: John Orphan
editor: William Drucker
music: Ed Lima
language: English
subtitles: Polish