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horror, drama / Germany/ 2018 / 1h 36min

# fear and terror / adolescence / mystery / wench / possession / small town / witch / friendship / Polish premiere


Sometimes true evil does not roam the swamps at all, it lives in each of us.


Hanna returns to her hometown after three years of boarding school. A sad father and hostile residents await her. Almost everyone looks at the girl with a mixture of contempt, fear and hostility. They cannot forget the mysterious death of her mother and the bodies of three murdered men found in the swamps. The locals believe that the woman was a witch and that Hanna, as her daughter, can only herald further misfortunes. The unpleasant circumstances of the teenager are interrupted by the appearance of Eva, an eccentric and lively girl from the city. Slowly a friendship develops and deeper feelings between the characters begin to emerge. At the same time, other unpleasant events occur in the town. The locals have already decided who is guilty. But is the truth really that obvious?

In her feature-length debut Esther Bialas essentially focuses on confusing clues and constantly leads the viewer by the nose. In order to build an intriguing mystery, she subtly uses the motifs of possession, local legend, small-town hostility and even fairy tales. Above all, Esther Bialas easily conveys teenage youth, the search for friendship and the need for acceptance. Behind all of this, there is an evil that can live in any one of us.

Age restrictions: 15+ 


WARSAW: 8.12 (Sunday) / at 3:00 p.m. / Kinoteka room 1 / BUY TICKET


director: Esther Bialas
screenwriter: Lena Krumkamp
cast: Valerie Stoll, Milena Tscharntke, Maximilian Beck
director of photography: Christiane Buchmann
editor: Jan Ruschke
music: Marco Dreckkötter
language: German
subtitles: Polish