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thriller, horror / USA / 2018 / 1h 29min

# fear and terror / violence / blood / psychopaths / murderers / Polish premiere


A party you will never forget


Casper, Iris and Dodge are a group of young thieves. They mainly target houses in quiet, peaceful suburbs. They go in, take whatever they want and leave without a trace. They are brilliant, cunning and intelligent. When Casper finds out that his father is in serious debt, the three friends need to take serious action. They plan to rob an elegant mansion in a rich neighbourhood. They trick their way into an organised party. Everything goes according to plan until the moment when the problems of the owners and their guests come to light. This peaceful mansion is a meeting point of addicts. There wouldn’t be anything too weird about it if it wasn’t for the fact that these people are addicted to… brutal murders. After the first blood is drawn, the psychopaths go mad and the teenagers have to fight for their lives. In a situation like that it’s quite easy to lose your head…quite literally.

“Monster Party” is a cheery variation of the theme used in Fede Alvarez’s “Don’t Breathe”. Instead of easy money, the thieves are confronted with unexpected resistance, whereas the audience gets blood splattering everywhere and a fair amount of good fun. Hoffmann offers an engrossing thriller filled with a whole lot of crazy deaths as well as a pinch of absurd and sometimes fussy humour. Mixtures like these are a real pleasure to watch.

WORLD PREMIERE: BeyondFest 2018

Age restrictions: 15+


LUBLIN: 14.12 (Saturday) / 22.30 / Centre of Culture / BUY TICKET

WARSAW: 6.12 (Friday) / 22.35 / Kinoteka room 2 / BUY TICKET


director: Chris von Hoffmann
writer: Chris von Hoffmann
cast: Sam Strike, Virginia Gardner, Brandon Micheal Hall, Julian McMahon, Erin Moriarty
director of photography: Tobias Deml
editor: Gehrig Burnett Jr., Joe Rosenbloom
music: Felix Erskine, Nao Sato
language: English
subtitles: Polish