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thriller, horror / USA / 2017 / 91’
#  violcence / survival / hunting / polish premiere
age limits: 16+
21.09. (Thursday) / at 5:30 p.m./ Sala Widowiskowa

Local games to the death.
Warren is a degenerate drunk. On the way to Mexico, he goes past a city located on an American desert where an annual hunting for people is taking place. This game is considered as an unusual sporting events and the greatest form of entertainment. Incidentally, Warren is forced to participate in the competitions and to fight for his life.
The survival horror “Happy Hunting” is interesting, among others, due to the fact that it is not one of the films in which a civilised Northerner falls prey to Southerners during his sightseeing trip. Warren belongs to the same world as his torturers. His world isn’t any better than theirs (as it is presented in the classic film “Deliverance”). The hunting for the outlander is associated more with a competitive spirit rather than with ideas such as revenge, repartitions and class conflict. What is more, for Warren, the hell created by a desert tribe of rednecks is not the end of a beautiful dream. Contrarily, it is just another circle of the hell in which Warren has being trapped previously and which was created by himself. The distress is not just a part of the main character’s reality. Invariably, it fills every moment in his life, and the only difference is in the intensity of his suffering. The situation reaches its climax when Warren begins to experience withdrawal symptoms. How to fight for life when you are hallucinating? How to hold a gun when your hands are shaking? Warren is sure that he needs to have a drink.  POLISH PREMIERE.
PREMIERE: Glasgow Fright Fest 2017

direction: Louie Gibson & Joe Dietsch
script: Louie Gibson & Joe Dietsch
direction of photography: Joe Dietsch
editing: Louie Gibson & Joe Dietsch
music: Rhyan D’Errico, Simon H. Jay
cast:Martin Dingle Wall, Ken Lally, Kenny Wormald,
Connor Williams, Gary Sturm, C.J. Baker, Jeremy Lawson
producers: Bryson Pintard, Jeff Kalligheri
production: Selective Collective, Waterstone Entertainment
rightholder:Gersh Agency, WTFilms
language: English
subtitles: Polish