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horror, martial  / Hiszpania / 2017 / 90′
# violence / fear / survival / war / revenge / terrorism / european premiere
age limits: 16+
16.09 (Saturday) / at 7:30 p.m. / Sala Kinowa
22.09 (Friday) / at 9:15 p.m. / Sala Kinowa

Alex and Selma are traveling through the woods of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Suddenly their car breaks down and Selma realizes they are being watched. A woman squeezes her Muslim amulet ‘hamajlija’ tight and from that moment their horrific journey into the heart of darkness begins. The movie harshly judges modern history, war and problems that come with reconciliation. This story matches our times. This artwork is done perfectly in every way.
In the history of cinema, there are at least few moving war movies. But horror movie that touches upon war, conflicts and terrorism is a true shock for viewer’s emotion and psyche. We feel distressed from the very beginning, and every minute brings more shocking scenes. The movie touches upon difficult issues, it’s also difficult in perception. Important and needed movie, which is also horrifying and stays in mind for a long time. It’s a perfectly created masterpiece. So, join us for “Maus” but beware, it’s going to be a tough experience. EUROPEAN PREMIERE

direction: Yayo Herrero
script: Yayo Herrero
music: The Youth
editing: José Manuel Jiménez     
cast: August Wittgenstein, Alma Terzic, Ella Jazz
producers: Enrique López Lavigne, Elvira Morales Sales, Jesus Ulled Nadal
production: Apaches Entertainment, Cine365 Film, Dynamite Films, MAUS la película AIE, Virtual Contenidos
rightholder: Film Factory Entertainment
language: English, Serbian
subtitles: Polish