WTF 2021
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#WTF / autobiography / the American dream / LGBT / parody / satire / the Soviet Union / black comedy / homosexuality / capitalism / Jean-Claude Van Damme’s firm buttocks / Jesus Christ / sitcom / humour / absurdity / emotions / sex


autobiopic / USA / 2021 / 1h 35 min

The American dream, potato love, and Van Damme’s buttocks

The end of the 1980s. Young Wasilij, affectionately called “Potato” by his mother Lena, is a boy far too brilliant to waste his life in the Soviet Union. All the more so ever since one day – while watching “Kickboxer” with Van Damme and noticing the clearly emphasized qualities of the athletic actor – he realizes that he will not resemble his peers. Potato and his mother (as well as his best friend… Jesus Christ, the sitcom-fan) live in a fantasy of the American dream fueled by the corruption of their country’s political system and illegally watched Western movies. Until one day, fate finally smiles upon them! Little do they know that their escape overseas is just the beginning of an adventure full of surprises, disappointments, misunderstandings, and self-discovery.

“Potato Dreams of America” is a twisted comedy-drama in which Wes Husley shares his own life story charmingly and unusually, and paints a hilarious portrait of Russian everyday life – all in the convention of an American comedy series. The story of a homosexual boy looking for his place in the world is amusing and touching in many – often unexpected – ways. It is an inventive and magical movie mashup that combines warmth, serious topics, social criticism, and toying with conventions. In it, you will find disarming narrative ideas, brilliant dialogue sprinkled with light humor, many opportunities to be moved, and some great reasons to love Potato with all your heart!

The Russian-American director’s autobiographical production is an extension of his award-winning short movie “Little Potato.”

Splat! suggests: Potato began to discover himself while watching movies! Thanks to the Splat!FilmFest repertoire, you too will probably find out just how queer you are. Oh well… be like Potato! Watch movies!

directed by: Wes Hurley
screenplay: Wes Hurley
starring: Hersh Powers, Tyler Bocock, Sera Barbieri, Marya Sea Kaminski, Dan Lauria, and others
cinematography: Vincent Pierce
music: Catherine Joy, Joshua Kohl
language: English
subtitles: Polish


Age restriction: 12+