WTF 2021
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#WTF / comedy / absurd / giant fly / male bonding / holiday / love / dreams / unicorn / misunderstanding / clever plan / happiness / life values / Dumb and Dumber


comedy / France, Belgium / 2020 / 1h 17m

Maybe the plan is abzzurd, but it’s still pretty fly!

Manu is quite an absent-minded guy and not the sharpest tool in the shed. His life is a constant struggle: he has just lost his house, has no money, and sleeps on the beach. However, his fate is about to change. He is given a simple mission, its complexity level so low that even he should be able to handle it. Manu is supposed to pick up a package, put it in the trunk, and deliver it to a designated place – no questions asked. But of course, he messes it up. He steals a run-down car, picks up his friend Jean-Gab, and together they embark on a manly quest to feel the wind in their receding hairlines and earn a few hundred bucks along the way. The wind is taken out of their sails, however, when something starts rattling in the trunk (no, Jean-Gab, that’s not what a hairdryer sounds like!). The stowaway turns out to be… a giant fly! Pretty soon, the two friends come up with a brilliant idea – the flyest scheme ever devised! They give up on the task at hand and decide to instead train the insect to do their bidding so they can make a fortune off it!

They have a fly, so this plan just has to stick!

Quentin Dupieux – author of the iconic “Rubber” and the ravishingly psychopathic “Deerskin” – is back with another charmingly quirky and delightfully ridiculous comedy that will steal your heart instantly! “Mandibles” is a wholesome tale about two scatterbrained dudes training a giant fly. Abzzurd? How is that a problem? Just unwind and switch your mind off with an adorable story about following your dreams and discovering the value of true friendship. “Mandibles” is by far the French director’s most enjoyable and laid-back film to date. You can tell Quentin Dupieux is in good shape when the strangest character to appear on screen is in fact not the meek, giant fly.

Splat! Suggests: This is one of very few this year’s offerings you may enjoy with the whole family – and buzz with joyous excitement about!

directed by: Quentin Dupieux
screenplay: Quentin Dupieux
starring: Grégoire Ludig, David Marsais, Adèle Exarchopoulos, India Hair, Roméo Elvis, and others
cinematography: Quentin Dupieux
editing: Quentin Dupieux
music: Varda Kakon
language: French
subtitles: Polish

WORLD PREMIERE: Venice Film Festival 2020

Age restriction: 12+