WTF 2021
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#fear and terror / drama / hallucinations / depression / the fall of man / rot / weird exploits / purgatory / all the feels / The Overlook Hotel / secrets / dreamlike vibe / living nightmare / dirt / theatre / grotesque /


horror, drama, psychological thriller / Belgium / 2021 / 1h 30m

Mental deterioration all-inclusive

Welcome to Hotel Poseidon – the perfect place to pause for a moment, inhale the ubiquitous dust, and delve into your own fears and hidden traumas. This is an ideal opportunity to begin a slow descent into madness, preceded by states of confusion and episodes of depression. The main attraction of the resort is its atmospheric decor which combines viscous filth, flickering lights, rotting walls, fish carcasses strewed all over the place, and the specter of tetanus lurking at every step. Take advantage of this unique offer and let your mental health fall into utter ruin today!

Dave is a shell of a man being kept on his feet mainly due to habit. Every morning he wakes up more and more tired of his existence in the decaying building. He wanders the neglected corridors, constantly immersing himself in the stifling living nightmare. The man is slowly losing his mind as the hotel, which is his whole world, turns into a private existential purgatory, in comparison to which the Overlook Hotel seems like a charming place, perfect for a holiday trip with the whole family.

Stefan Lernous – founder of the Abbatoir Fermé theatre company – offers us a peculiar cinematic journey. The Belgian director’s feature-length debut is a hallucinatory, grotesque, and unusual work that stands out from genre standards. Steeped in a theatrical atmosphere, the production gets under the skin to leave us feeling both dirty and infested with an irresistible urge to peek into another room. This is the brainchild of Lynch, Bosch, and Kubrick, in which the slow decay of human existence plays the leading role. “Hotel Poseidon” fascinates and repels from the very first minutes it agitates with every shot, fragment of scenery, sound, and dialogue.

Splat! suggests: Remember to have some positive attitude on hand before checking in. You may need it after the screening is over. 

WORLD PREMIERE: Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

directed by: Stefan Lernous
screenplay: Stefan Lernous
starring: Tom Vermeir, Ruth Becquart, Anneke Sluiters, Tania Van der Sanden, Dominique Van Malder
cinematography: Geert Verstraete
editing: Kim Vandenbergh
music: Kreng
language: Dutch
subtitles: Polish

Age restriction: 16+