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drama, horror, mystery  / Belgium / 2018 / 9:32

When Linus ends up alone at his farm, his loneliness starts to consume him and a nightmare becomes more than real.

Director’s bio:
Born in Vilvoorde, a little city above Brussels. Named after the famous animation director Walt Disney, Walt was an energetic and enthousiastic child who got inspired by the realms that movies could generate. 
After high school he started filmschool KASK in Ghent and now he’s starting his bachelor at Ritcs in Brussels. With a great love for the dark cinema, he experiments with the medium.

director: Walt Bladt
script: Walt Bladt
director of photography: Thomas Vercauteren
editing: Maarten Van Leemputte
music: Gillis Vander Wee
cast: Joke Sluydts, Dimitri Duquennoy, Tibe Boone
language: English
subtitles: Polish