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MasterClass „Make your own damn movie” with Lloyd Kaufman

WARSAW: 08.12. (Saturday) / 12:00 / Kinoteka – Sala 6/ BUY TICKET


Everything you need to know about Troma…
…is included in the description of the movie „The Toxic Avenger”. In Tromaville (middle of the universe built by Lloyd Kaufman and the gang) exists a gym janitor. One day being dressed in a pink skirt, he falls out of the window straight into a toxic waste, which transforms him into a mighty superhero… with a face that only a mother could love. This low-budget horror film studio was created in 1974 by the collaboration of Lloyd’s Kaufman and Michael Herz. Studio released titles that characterise with a creative use of the almost non-existing budget, making every absurd idea that can possibly come to the mind of its creators, even erotic, black humour and shifting between conventions. Troma is not just a film studio that makes assets from the lack in finances, but also since the 70’s it is still active on the market. They are responsible for such titles as: „Class of Nuke ‘Em High”, „Tromeo and Julia”, „Mutantz, Nazis and Zombies”.

As it turned out, Troma is not only a wild ride, but also a phenomenon that allowed such artists as Trey Parker, Matt Stone or James Gunn, father of „Guardians of the Galaxy”, to stand out of the crowd. Troma booth is a never-ending attraction during convents of cinema enthusiasts and movies from this studio are an inspiration for such directors as Peter Jackson or Quentin Tarantino. Tromaverse has a fan base similar in numbers to the Japanese horror fan base. Their consecutive projects stand as a massage for the new generation of makers stating that you can make a movie anytime you want and in every way possible. No one was able to grasp the gist of making cinema and earning tiny amounts of money like the producer Lloyd Kaufman. Despite all, the studio is alive and kicking and has no intention to collapse. [Jakub Koisz]