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horror, comedy / USA / 2017 / 80′
# vampires / zombies / clown / violence / blood / Polish premiere
age limit: 18+
17.09 (Sunday) / at 6:40 p.m. / Sala Widowiskowa

Total massacre!

Three night watchmen, their new co-worker, and an intrepid tabloid journalist fight for their life. A warehouse shipment which accidentally gets in their hands releases an army of darkness… kind of. A bit of zombies, a bit of vampires led by a ghastly clown. Our morally-handicapped protagonists have to safe not only themselves, but also the city of Baltimore from a plague that’s threatening it.
The film is as serious as a phone call between its creators: one night Ken Arnold called Dan DeLuka asking him what kind of a feature would they be able to film in a factory next to his studio. DeLuka said he would need time to think. Two weeks later, after a couple of conversations, the outline for “The Night Watchmen” was ready. Jamie Nash, whose sense of humour is very much appreciated by both men, joined the team and the film started to get a shape. A very attractive one for the audience, as “The Night Watchmen” is an unpretentious pure entertainment, that doesn’t require big words neither from the viewers nor itself. That’s not a surprise at all: Ken Arnold mentioned that the most important goal they kept in mind during shooting was to have fun and give the audience a fun experience. And they succeed!

PREMIERE: Cinequest Film Festival

direction: Mitchell Altieri

script: Dan DeLuca, Jamie Nash

director of photography: Amanda Treyz

editing: Brett Alexander Solem
music: Kevin Kerrigan

cast: Ken Arnold, Kevin Jiggetts, Dan DeLuca, Kara Luiz, 
Max Wilbur, Matt Servitto, Diona Reasonover, James Remar

producers: Ken Arnold, Dan DeLuca, Demetria Triantafillides, 
Jeffrey Allard, Cheryl Staurulakis
production: Studio Boh

rightsholder: Automsatic Entertainment
language: angielski
subtitles: polskie