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comedy / Switzerland / 2016 / 42′
# vampires / bohemia / medium-length / Polish premiere
age limit: 12 +
24.09 (Sunday) / at 3:30 p.m. / Sala Widowiskowa

The sweetest vampires in cinema history.
Three gypsy-vampires swore that they wouldn’t drink human blood anymore. Sadly, they break the promise when they stumble upon an unconscious girl. The whole situation becomes even more complicated when it turns out that they’re not the only ones interested in the strange girl.
The (re)vision of vampire stories offered in this medium-length film is quite different from the ones we all know. The members of Orazio’s clan live in a trailer in the middle of nothing, they steal chickens, go to bloodoholics anonymous meetings, and complain about racism (how dare you think that all vampires are Vlad’s descendants?). No one would say that they live like there’s no tomorrow. They’re in no hurry, what counts is here and now. Although they think it’s a horrible injustice, it doesn’t surprise that Vlad’s descendants enjoyed more respect. Who knows, maybe this film is the first step to give them back the recognition they deserve.
Riccardo Bernasconi and Francesca Reverdito’s film is a great example of a grotesque in which the departure from a stereotypical look at the main characters to see their normality gives the same comical effect as the portrayal of the two policemen in “Li’l Quinquin”, Bruno Dumont’s 2014 series. POLISH PREMIERE
PREMIERE: Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival

direction: Riccardo Bernasconi, Francesca Reverdito
script: Riccardo Bernasconi, Francesca Reverdito, Giacomo Mondadori
director of photography: Giacomo Frittelli
editing: Riccardo Bernasconi
music: Marco Monti, Andrea Ragusa
cast: Toni Pandolfo, Marco Brinzi, Paolo Vercelloni, Valentina Violo
producers: Riccardo Bernasconi
production: Studio Asparagus
rightsholder: Studio Asparagus
language: Italian
subtitles: Polish