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horror / France / 2020 / 1h 28min

# fear and terror / werewolf / adolescence / Carrie / body horror / blood / tough love / anger / Polish premiere



A beast you keep inside…


An increased appetite, waves of uncontrollable emotions and hair growing in places you did not expect? Adolescence can be really tough. Especially when you get bitten by a werewolf along the way. Teddy – a sassy, annoying and hyperactive youngster, who calls himself a punk, experienced it firsthand (but he is not the only one). One day, he hears a mysterious noise coming from the outside of his house, he grabs a rod and in an act of courage (or rather a lack of self-preservation), checks what’s happening in the nearby bushes. The bite he gets while doing so does not look dangerous and the scar it would leave would not even be something to brag about. Yet over time weird things start to happen with the boy. He loses control of his body, suffers form memory loss, and at nighttime he is haunted by gory nightmares. Not only Teddy has to deal with changes happening in his body, but also changes happening in his life.

“Teddy” is a movie about a cruel monster and an attempt to control the beast. This time it’s not about a hairy monstrosity howling at the moon and ripping old folks’ heads. The protagonist slowly changes into a frightening creature straight from iconic horror movies, but what he is really fighting against is another beast hidden inside himself. Anger, disappointment, and helplessness that sometimes live inside each one of us and want to get out. This fight is especially difficult when you’re a young and lost person. The French production combines bodily abominations, dark humor and teen drama.


WORLD PREMIERE: Fantastic Fest 2020


Age restriction: 16+


directors: Ludovic Boukherma, Zoran Boukherma
screenriters: Ludovic Boukherma, Zoran Boukherma
cast: Anthony Bojan, Christine Gautier, Ludovic Torrent, Guillaume Mattera and others
director of photography: Augustin Barbaroux
music: Amaury Chabauty
language: French
subtitles: Polish