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thriller / Belgium, France, Ireland / 2020 / 1h 36min

# fear and terror / violence / revenge / action / emotions / forest / retelling of a fairy tale / chase / anger / fight for survival / hunt / black humour / girl power / Polish premiere



Little Red Riding Hood lost her cool


Eve has an off-day. She’s struggling with some delays at the construction site which she manages. As if this wasn’t enough, her partner has started to irritate her with an exaggerated control. After that, the girl just wants to wind down. She wants to have a drink, listen to the music and forget about surrounding reality. Annoyingly enough, a leering man bothers her at the bar. It is a typical “Mr Accountant” with a loose tie who has had one too many. But she doesn’t ask for much, does she? And then unexpectedly this guy shows up – mysterious, witty, easy-going with a charming smile. In a flash, there are sparks between them. Unfortunately, Eve realises, that her knight in shining armour is in fact a degenerate psychopath.
The psychopath who has serious problems with controlling emotions. When they accidentally end up in the forest, the hunt begins. This, however, will be unlike any other.

“Hunted” is an engrossing thriller with an unusual plot. Vincent Paronnaud reinterprets a well-known fairy tale and presents the story in a different light. Little Red Riding Hood meets the Bad Wolf again. This time, however, treats, granny and brave woodman are missing. Instead, there is violence, growing tension as well as increasing madness. The director uses a well-known film scheme and clear references to the fairy tale in order to tell about the toxic masculinity and strength hidden in a seemingly defenceless woman. It sounds a bit familiar, doesn’t it? Perhaps. Nevertheless, Paronnaud employs a specific tactic to ensure that the film is full of emotions – wildness, rage, ferocity and sheer terror, which surely get out of control.
Arieh Worthalter played perfectly the role of the psychopath. But wait until you see angry Little Red Riding Hood. Then, it will be you who will be asked why your eyes are so big.


WORLD PREMIERE: Fantasia International Film Festival 2020


Age restriction: 18+


director: Vincent Paronnaud
screenwriters: Vincent Paronnaud, Léa Pernollet, David H. Pickering
cast: Lucie Debay, Arieh Wothalter and others
director of photography: Joachim Philippe
editor: Nicolas Sarkissian
music: Olivier Bernet
language: English
subtitles: Polish