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Lloyd Kaufman: American actor, director, screenwriter, producer, a legend and giggler. He was born in 1945 in New York, although his mind must be from a different dimension. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain the crazy mission he undertook in 1974. At that time, with the involvement of his friend Michael Herz that he met during his studies in Yale, Troma came to life. Studio specialized in producing films so bizarrely bad that in any aesthetical categories should they ever be born. As he recalls the beginning of the illness: „in my dorm room I’ve met two cinema fanatics and my world has changed irreversably”. During his sinology studies, they have directed movies such as: „The Girl Who Returned” or „Rappaccini”. As he had cameos in many Hollywood productions (he was the one that was picked from the street in the first „Rocky Balboa” movie), he knew that the mainstream cinema is not the place for him. He completely devoted himself to repair or derange it here or there.

Most renown of Kaufman’s works is „The Toxic Avenger” made in 1985 that consists of everything that defines Troma’s „style zero”: ridiculous starting point, black humour, non-professional acting, creative usage of EVERYTHING as special effects (even spaghetti as guts) and dealing with budgets, that prevent organizing even a rural wedding. Privately, a huge fan of elegant bowties, written word and musicals. Even though movies made by him are ironic to watch, without this man we would not have such makers as: James Gunn, Quentin Tarantino or Peter Jackson. I mean, we would have but they would be less broken in a better sense of the word.


Meeting with Lloyd Kaufman after the screening of “Toksyczny Mściciel” / 07.12 (Friday) /at 7:40 p.m. / Kinoteka – Sala 1/

MasterClass “Make your own damn movie” with Lloyd Kaufman WARSZAWA: 08.12. (Saturday) / at 12:00 / Kinoteka – Sala 6/ KUP BILET