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thriller / Turkey / 1h 26min

# fear and terror / violence / fear / escape / suspense / blood / struggle for survival / toxic masculinity / girl power / Polish premiere



Till death do us part…


Ayse is a young girl in love. She has a decent man by her side and a long life ahead, nonetheless, she cannot afford herself to respite. She lives in constant fear and is forced to an endless run from… her own husband. The short-tempered man cannot stand the fact that he has been abandoned, that’s why, followed by his pathological need to control her, follows in her footsteps in order to erase the spot on his honour and ease the hurt male pride. Doesn’t he really know to what a desperate woman brought to an end is capable of? Cornered in the middle of nowhere and holding a loaded gun?

„AV: The Hunt” is a concrete and gloomy thriller, which gets to the point straightaway. It is a full of surprises and twists run through the woods, which keeps on the edge until the end. The history of revenge connected with the struggle for survival in the hand of Emre Akaya resembles a sniper rifle – it is simple and looks familiar, however it is brilliantly aimed, hits accurately with excellent knock-down power. First, the Turkish director uses a scheme folding from the bloody and daring “Revenge” by Coralie Fargeat, and then plays with our associations in order to catch us up to the story about a toxic masculinity and brutal patriarchate.


WORLD PREMIERE: Neuchâtel International Film Festival 2020


Age restriction: 18+


director: Emre Akay
screenwriters: Emre Akay, Deniz Cuylan
cast: Ahmet Rifat Sungar, Emre Yetim, Adam Bay and others
director of photography: Anthony Scott Burns
music: Brian Bender, Deniz Cuylan
language: Turkish
subtitles: Polish