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drama / Brazil, France / 2019 / 2 h 11min

# fear and terror / community / violence / black humour / intrigue / murders / secret


Don’t you dare mess with Bacurau!


In an indefinite future, Teresa goes to Bacurau, a small village in Brazil’s blank province, to say goodbye to her dying grandmother. The woman immediately notices the hard situation of the village inhabitants. They are struggling with poverty, a lack of clean water and a corrupt politician. As if that wasn’t enough, after a while, mobile-phone coverage begins to fade and the truck that delivers drinking water arrives riddled with bullets holes. However, this is just the beginning…even more terrible things begin to happen in the village. Bacurau completely disappears from the map, it is cut off from civilization, and a group of shadowy people appears in the area. More and more people are dying and the survivors can only think about escape. However, local patriotism fills the hearts of the community. If you think that you shouldn’t mess with Texas wait till you see what happens to those who mess with Bacurau!

At first, the titular Bacurau looks like a completely average village striving against typical Third World problems. However, the longer we stay in this peaceful place, the more clearly we realize that Bacurau is struggling with issues which affect the entire modern world. The director’s debut mixes together a political manifesto, absurd comedy, thriller, western and cinema of fact. An extraordinary intrigue, surprising violence and dark humour creates a mixture of the initially unclear, but addictive, mesmerizing and thought-provoking. “Bacurau” is a story of a Brazilian community told in a truly Tarantinoesque style.

The film features numerous references and some hidden gems. The school located in Bacurau is called “João Carpinteiro”, which can be translated as “John Carpenter”, who has a huge fan in Kleber Mendonça Filho. In one of the scenes, the names of inhabitants refer to real figures relevant to the history of Brazil, such as Marielle Franco – a civil rights activist shot in 2018 by two former policemen.

WORLD PREMIERE: Cannes Film Festival 2019

Age restrictions: 15+


LUBLIN: 9.12 (Monday) / 19.00 / Centre of Culture / BUY TICKET

WARSAW: 2.12 (Monday) / 19.00 / Kinoteka room 1 / BUY TICKET


director: Juliano Dornelles, Kleber Mendonça Filho
screenwriter: Juliano Dornelles, Kleber Mendonça Filho
cast: Barbara Colen, Thomas Aquino, Silvero Pereira, Thardelly Lima, Udo Kier
director of photography: Pedro Sotero
editor: Eduardo Serrano
music: Mateus Alves Tomaz Alves Souza
language: English, Portuguese
subtitles: Polish