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horror, thriller / USA / 2019 / 1h 23min

# horror and terror / violence / metal / satanists / devil / girl power / blood / alcohol / Polish premiere


If you’re listening to metal, know that the devil is already interested in you.


1988, Alexis, Val and Bev are on their way to a metal concert. From a distance you can see that they are dangerous, lively, feisty and dark girls. They wear leather jackets, strong makeup and inverted crosses. They look forward to the upcoming adventure with excitement and absolutely nothing will spoil the positive attitude and excitement of the awaited madness… even news in the local media about a series of macabre occult murders. Actually, what’s to worry about if they’re on the same team as the psychopathic killers. Just before the concert, the girls meet three nice boys. Between Bev and one of them, start sparking. Two bunch of friends quickly get along and decide to spend time together with hard music, and a moment after the concert go to the after party. They go to Alexis’ house, where everything starts innocently – drinks, alcoholic games and increasingly sharp flirts. However, things are taking a surprising turn and will become more and more surprising. Laughter and a pleasant rage turn into screams of terror and a cry for help. However, as it happens in such situations, nobody will hear a scream.

“In the skin of a demon” is a perverse and surprising thriller, which uses the motif of fanaticism in a brilliant way. Marc Meyers, sitting on the director’s seat, offers us a piece of solid dark cinema lined with violence, madness and a juicy plot twist. Although the cast on the screen does a good job, they all get lost in Alexandra Daddario, who takes her character to a whole new level – enchants, hypnotizes and constantly surprises with her charisma and energy. The devil can tempt, deceive and manipulate so effectively that sometimes you don’t really know who the bad guy is.

WORLD PREMIERE: Fantastic Fest 2019

Age restrictions: 15+


LUBLIN: 15.12 (Sunday) / 15.00 / Centre of Culture / BUY TICKET

WARSAW: 8.12 (Sunday) / 18.35 / Kinoteka room 2 / BUY TICKET


director: Marc Meyers
writer: Alan Trezza
director of photography: Tarin Anderson
editor: Jamie Kirkpatrick, Joe Murphy
cast: Alexandra Daddario, Maddie Hasson, Keean Johnson, Logan Miller, Amy Forsyth
music: Tim Williams
language: English
subtitles: Polish