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thriller / USA / 2017 / 9:23

A homeless drifter with traces of pure gold in his blood, accidentally unleashes his secret while experimenting with extraction methods and everyone wants in on the fortune.

Director bio:

Tom Botchii appreciates the darker, psychological aspect of filmmaking. His stories usually center around violently, personal experiences injected into the heart of film. That he hopes add an element of reality to skew the the audiences perspective. Raised as part of the only immigrant family in a small town, his very different upbringing lead to escapism through creativity. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

director: Tom Botchii
script: Sam Kozel
director of photography: Martin Moody
editing: Tom Botchii
music: Noa Sato
cast: Lane Garrison, Rafael Siegel, Jake Jacobson, Jessee Foudray, Kevin Gill
language: English
subtitles: Polish