Guests 2017
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16.09 (Saturday) / after the screening of POSSESSION / Sala Widowiskowa

Xawery Żuławski – director, scriptwriter, son of the late Andrzej Żuławski and Małgorzata Braunek. He was born in 1971 in Warsaw. In 1995 he graduated from Lodz Film School in the Direction Department. From that time, he worked collaboratively with many filmmakers, including his father. His first huge success was undoubtedly his fiction debute – a drama film “Chaos”  from 2006 . The film won the Golden Lion award  at the XXXI Gdynia Film Festival for Best Directorial Debut and the main prize at “The Young and Film”( „Młodzi i film”) Festival in Koszalin. The next major achievement in the artist’s output was an adaptation of novel written by Dorota Masłowska “Wojna polsko-ruska”. The screen version of the novel with Borys Szyc playing the main role and directed by Żuławski was overflowed with awards. Together with Piotr Kielar, Żuławski directed the programme “Poza Kontrolą” (“Out of Control”) in TVP Kultura, where they presented young and independent music bands.