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#horribly funny / serial killers / blood / violence / psychopaths / twins / black humour / sharp tools / plot twists / parody / slasher / yoga class / Polish premiere


black comedy, mockumentary / Great Britain / 2021 / 1h 28m

What do serial killers do in the shadows?

Norman Graysmith – an investigative journalist in search of a ground-breaking story to advance his dwindling career – arranges a meeting with a rookie serial killer, Aiden Mendle, who has just lost his job due to deviant behavior. As a result, Aiden has decided to go into the killing business full-time with the support of his noticeably psychopathic girlfriend. Norman and his team have the unique opportunity to observe a new serial killer on the rise: to learn the secrets to disposing of dead bodies, understand how victims are selected, and murder weapons are chosen. Any insight gained into the twisted mind of a murderer is hypothetical at best since Aiden – a harmless slacker with a charming smile – is just an aspiring murderer who hasn’t killed anyone yet. The heedless wannabe has in fact no idea where to even begin. Still, he strives to be the best in the killing profession – that’s why he takes a cue from Charles Manson and starts his own family of aspiring bloodthirsty killers. Over time, however, the group’s actions get out of hand, and the real killings begin.

Conor Boru – actor and director making his feature film debut – presents an amusing and skilfully made black comedy that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of “What We Do in the Shadows.” A witty and endearing production stylized as a documentary, “When the Screaming Starts” mocks pop culture’s obsession with serial killers. The young director’s joy of playing with various tropes and truisms results in an intriguing, unconventional screenplay stuffed with an abundance of hilarious dialogue, slapstick humor, and a well-chosen cast with great on-screen chemistry.

The Norman Graysmith character is a parody of Louis Theroux: an esteemed journalist, recipient of two BAFTA’s Awards for Best Presenter and the Royal Television Society Television Award.

directed by: Conor Boru
screenplay: Conor Boru and Ed Hartland
starring: Jared Rogers, Ed Hartland, Yasen Atour, Katharine Bennett-Fox, Ronja Haugholt, Vår Haugholt, and others
cinematography: Adrian Musto
editing: Alan Rae
music: Paul Caton
language: English
subtitles: Polish

WORLD PREMIERE: Frightfest 2021

Age restriction: 16+