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#fear and terror / drama / the past / secrets / sins / persecution / violence / dark secrets / toxic relationships / family problems / sex / betrayal / trauma / slow burn / Polish premiere

horror, thriller, drama / USA / 2020 / 2h

Fall of the house of Graham 
The Graham siblings meet in their family home after many years. The house they associate with their most traumatic memories is to be sold. Thomas, mentally disabled, is the only one who still lives on the farm with their horrifying and unpredictable father, Josiah, who evidently derives pleasure from abusing his son. Many miles away, Eli Graham has hit rock bottom and is drowning in debt. His overall appearance clearly shows years of battling addiction and the lack of opportunities in his life. His only way to get back on track is by partnering with a dodgy bar owner. Mary, on the other hand, seems like the only one who has her life together: a nice suburban house, fancy dinners, and applications to adopt a child. And yet, it is only a facade, and many horrors from her past lurk underneath. Today, the only things that connect the siblings are their unresolved traumas and the matter of selling the house. When their paths cross, many dark family secrets will emerge… 
“What Josiah Saw” is Vincent Grashaw’s third feature film after “Coldwater” and “And Then I Go.” It’s a slow-paced and extensive story about the sins of the father which cannot be washed away and the family secrets that taint lives. The film, divided into four chapters, seems like both: a horror permeated with religious beliefs and a dark detective drama. Only at the end is the truth unveiled – and many shocking plot twists with it. Grishaw’s work is engrossing and frightening, not only because it is full of secrets and gives us a sense of impending doom, but also through clever use of scenery and the heavy atmosphere that surrounds us. The barren landscapes, the play of light, and the unsettling music create a dreary mood that holds us in its grip and doesn’t let go up until the last second – and will linger long after the closing credits.
directed by: Vincent Grashaw
screenplay: Robert Alan Dilts
starring: Robert Patrick, Nick Stahl, Scott Haze, Kelli Garner, Jake Weber, and others
cinematography: Carlos Ritter
editing: Vincent Grashaw
music: Robert Pycior 
language: English 
subtitles: Polish 
WORLD PREMIERE: Fantasia International Film Festival 2021

Age restriction: 16+