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# fear and terror / found footage / anthology / hell / ceremony / satanism / VHS / millennium / 90s / coffin / teenagers / TV show / punks / cinema exclusive / Polish premiere



horror / USA / 2022 / 1 h 50 min

Satan’s home recordings

Found footage horrors are a specific subgenre of horror movies. The “V/H/S” series creators are perfectly aware that today it is hard to keep making these while being dead serious about it. The fifth installment of the series — “V/H/S/99” — proves that they feel absolutely great in this freaky entourage. This diverse horror anthology includes five separate stories.

The first one, through grainy video footage, follows a group of punks from the late 1990s, who decide to break into an abandoned spot where, under mysterious circumstances, a punk group called “Bitch Cat” was massacred. This is, obviously, not a great idea. In the second story, we meet Lily, who wants to join a student sorority at all costs. That sorority seems to be full of the worst bitches (a classic in horror movies). The girls promise Lily that they will let her join, but only on one, horrifying, condition. In the third, extremely grotesque, chapter, we see a really weird kids’ TV show, hosted by a truly strange individual. The fourth story involves teenage perverts, who decide to take a peek into the room of a beautiful woman, who is hiding a dark secret. The fifth story is an absolutely adorable, wild ride. A story, made to look like a home recording, about a group of participants of a dark demon conjuring ritual, who end up in hell itself.

The whole thing is full of Sam Ramy’s spirit and pranks. It’s as free as a hand-recorded, underfunded, shaky recording can get.

“V/H/S/99” is a tale about the end of an era — about the times when there was a camera and a VHS player in every household, the times when everyone could make movies. The question is, should they? You don’t have to worry about that while watching “V/H/S/99”. This anthology was directed by some really experienced filmmakers: Flying Lotus (awarded the prize for the most shocking movie and the best special effects in “Kuso” in 2017), Maggie Levin (“Retrograde”), Tyler MacIntyre (“Patchwork,” “Tragedy Girls”), Johannes Roberts (“Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City”) and the duo of Joseph and Vanessa Winter (“Deadstream”).

directed by: Flying Lotus, Maggie Levin, Tyler MacIntyre, Johannes Roberts, Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter
script: Zoe Cooper, Flying Lotus, Maggie Levin, Tyler MacIntyre, Johannes Roberts, Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter
cast: Melanie Stone, Joseph Winter, Steven Ogg, Luke Mullen, Isabelle Hahn
photography: Ben Kitchens, Alex Choonoo, Alex Chinnici, Nicholas Piatnik, Jared Cook
editor: Thom Newell, Andy Holton, Tyler MacIntyre, Vanessa Winter, Joseph Winter
music: Keeley Bumford Dresage
language: English
subtitles: Polish

WORLD PREMIERE: Toronto International Film Festival 2022
age restrictions: 18+