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drama, fantasy, horror / Brazil/ 2018 / 1h 32min

# fear and terror / drama / black magic / ghosts / children / death / adolescence / Polish premiere


Mom would know how to fix dad…


After the unexpected death of his wife, Jorge slowly becomes a warp. He wanders like a ghost, sinking deeper and deeper into depression, and the spectre of being fired completely paralyses him. He has little concern for life in general left in him, and even less concern for his daughter’s welfare. Nine-year-old Dalva is forced to take on the role of an adult in a crumbling family. She takes care of her father and the house. She’s a reasonable girl, but deep down in her heart, she’s still a child. A longing for her mother and the deepening sadness of her father, makes her reach for vague and mysterious folk magic. Does her innocent heart have enough power to fulfil her wish? And can a childishly naive perception of the world result in something good?

Gabriela Amaral’s film is a moving drama about loneliness, the need for closeness and childlike strength and weakness. The director and screenwriter intertwines a moving story with a bit of magical realism and a subtle horror, creating a strange, moving and surprising story. Moreover, the young Nina Medeiros playing the role of Dalve, shows off her extraordinary emotional and acting maturity, making us care about her.

Wolrd premiere: Tokyo International Film Festival 2018

Age restrictions: 15+


LUBLIN: 10.12 (Thursday) / at 10:15 p.m. / Centre of Culture / BUY TICKET

WARSAW: 3.12 (Thursday) / at 8:15 p.m. / Kinoteka room 1 / BUY TICKET


director: Gabriela Amaral
screenwriter: Gabriela Amaral
cast: Nina Medeiros, Julio Machado, Luciana Paes
director of photography: Barbara Alvarez
editor: Karen Akerman
music: Rafael Cavalcanti
language: Portugeuse
subtitles: Polish