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drama, thriller / Poland / 2022 / 8 min 55 s


Emil spends most of his life in an office cubicle and his bedroom. His life is practically work and sleep. This rhythm is disturbed by the scratching of rats on the wall of his house. The man tries to fight the rodents, but solving the problem turns out to be more difficult than he expected. The exhausted Emil begins to oscillate on the verge of paranoia.


director: Rafał Łysak
screenwriter: Rafał Łysak
cast: Michał Jóźwik
cinematography: Bartłomiej Szura
editing: Rafał Łysak, Bartłomiej Szura
music: Rafał Łysak
language: no dialogue
film’s age rate: 16+


Rafał Łysak
He is a graduate of Wajda School in Warsaw and Lodz Film School. He made his debut in 2018 with the documentary “Unconditional Love,” which won many awards at Polish and foreign festivals, including the Golden Hobby-Horse at the 58th Krakow Film Festival. His second documentary “Third Time Lucky” is currently in production and the next “Two Cigarettes” was co-financed at the script stage by the Polish Film Institute. The film “Rats” is his second short feature film.