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black comedy / Israel, USA, Italy / 2019 / 1h 33min

# horribly funny / humor / violence / drama / religion / family gatherings / twists / blood / surprises / garbage disposal / Polish premiere



It is good to kill in a nice company


Luxury neighborhood in Los Angeles. Family and friends from Israel meet for an elegant dinner. Circumstances are perfect for reminiscing about the old days, joking around and finding out how everyone is. And let’s face it, such meetings rarely proceed peacefully! Someone raises the issue of religion, politics or the obligation to give birth to children and start a family. The social mix combined with alcohol, class differences, secrets and betrayals becomes explosive. It’s no longer about whether there will be blood. The question is on which wall the brain will splash! The situation quickly gets out of hand, and with each moment it becomes more and more difficult to control.

“Happy Times” is a comedy of manners willingly reaching for black humor, social topics and a touch of violence. Michael Mayer, standing behind the camera, offers viewers a light comedy with apt jokes, a few comments and absurd situations. Of course, unexpected reconciliations were also invited for the family event. A light, dynamic and humorous production is an ideal proposition to take a break from the fear and terror present in the program.


WORLD PREMIERE: Haifa Film Festival 2019


Age restriction: 18+


director: Michael Mayer
screenwriters: Michael Mayer, Guy Ayal
cast: Shani Atias, Michael Aloni, Stéfi Celma, Iris Bahr, Liraz Chamami, Sophia Santi, Kevin Thoms and others
director of photography: Ziv Berkovich
editors: Eliyah Aviv, Michael Frost
music: Guy Ayal
language: Hebrew, English
subtitles: Polish