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Skate horror, skateboard and its fascination with terror.

When the skateboard came out of the water (its beginning originated with surfers arriving to the beach on wooden fish skateboards) was bloody and full of horror. After all, first attempts to complete a trick hard to master usually ended up with bruises, wounds and even with scream! So we have blood, sweat and horror. All of these are present when a trick is failed. What if we added even more bloody relishes for the amateurs of this kind of aesthetics? It turns out that with the growing popularity of the skateboard, various ways of promoting it arrived, using horror elements included. During this lecture I will show the less known, bloody evolution of the skateboard, which for the skateboarders and fans of horror movies can be quite surprising.

Jacek Rdzawy Jaco Harasimiuk – born 1981, organizer of cultural events, social activist, a true passionate. Since he was 6 years old, he stood firmly on a skateboard – firstly on one from USRR, bought by his aunt. Since 1997 user of a brand new shiny one from USA. Together with a group of skateboarders he built a skate park 1stFloor in 2011, what helped him to earn the Żuraw Award. And that gave him more possibilities to spread the love for the skateboard, self-belief, passion and smile. Conducted workshops for kindergarten’s, primary schools, middle schools, elderly people, handicapped and correction centres. His biggest dream is to make people smile to each other and to build a new skatepark in Lublin, in 2019, so he could have a Halloween party there, combined with movie projections from the Splat!FilmFest.

Lecture only in Polish.