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horror / Sweden / 2016 / 81 min. /

Friday (16.09), 19:30 /

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After the screening you are welcome to join the meeting with special guest Christian Hallman, the director.

Every house has its story.

Almost 40-year-old Caroline Menard has lost everything that gave her life meaning. She wants to start from scratch, so she moves into another apartment in a block of flats dating back to the 70s. Very soon she becomes friends with a small girl who also experienced loss and abandonment in her life. They are both longing for a soul mate, consolation and company. In time, the girl gets deeply attached to Caroline, but instead of bringing hope to the woman’s life, all that the girl has to offer is despair.

A harsh and unemotional psychological film in the spirit of the Scandinavian cinema.

Written by: Christian Hallman and Mans F.G. Thunberg
Cinematography: Janssen Herr
Edited by: Jorge Orellana
Music by: Frank Ilfman
Starring: Lanna Olsson, Norah Andersen, Alida Morberg, Rafael Pettersson, Karin Bertlin, Boel Marie Larsson, Harald Leander
Producer: Christian Hallman
Production company: Grindhouse Pictures
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: Polish