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horror, mockument, sci-fi / Netherlands / 2020 / 30 min


The year 2031, the time of COVID-94. The actions of a group of Frisian researchers are followed by a Polish filmmaker. From their mobile lab, they study a mysterious phenomenon: sea levels across Europe are falling, even though global warming should cause the opposite. The levels are so low that drilling platforms are not able to function. The most intriguing fact is that plastic trash which was lying on the sea bottom is also disappearing.


director: Horacy Muszyński
screenwriter: Horacy Muszyński
cast: Alex Wening, Femke Valkema, Jurjen Jellema, Wytse Algra, Niek Horst, Arnold Nouta, Klaske Kok, Imane Ouaa
cinematography: Arnold Nouta
editing: Rufus Rufson
music: Dirk Bouke van der Staal
language: English, Dutch
subtitles: Polish, English
film’s age rate: 16+


Horacy Muszyński
A graduate of the Academy of Art in Szczecin, currently a participant in De Ateliers in Amsterdam. He works on the border of cinema and art. He applies elements from parody, B-movies, and amateur movies. Underneath the absurdism and humor lies a critical look at current social themes.