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horror, science fiction, thriller / UK, Canada / 2020 / 1h 43min

# fear and terror / corporations / microchips / control / dark future / violence / blood / a lot of blood / narcotic effects / sex / climate / anxiety



Possession of the 21st century


Near future. Contract killings take a whole new technological level. A mysterious corporation is able to place an implant in the human brain that allows to take complete control over a human. Agents entering the body of a designated unit can easily eliminate their targets and cover up the contract killings with insanity and the final suicide of the “host”. Tasya Vos is the best of the best at this job. Talented and ruthless agent easily eliminates new victims. However, with time she becomes dangerously immersed in work and brutal violence becomes attractive to her. Her next target is the chairman of an influential corporation. The order is really simple. Unfortunately, this time the process is not smooth. The consciousness of “possessed” Collin begins to resist. Vos loses control of the situation and the man’s body becomes a battleground between two personalities seeking to regain control.

Brandon Cronenberg’s “Possessor” is a heavy, brutal, and psychedelic techno-thriller that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat. The director uses numerous themes from the borderline of horror, science fiction and thriller to create a narcotic film spectacle that will easily destroy our comfort zone. Fear of losing control is mixed with identity disturbances, reality begins to go crazy and psychopathic instincts begin to emerge. The struggles of the two characters are boosted by an unusual mixture of a solid atmosphere and expressive special effects. We find here a dark vision of the future, a fleshy and full-blooded violence without brakes and psychedelic sequences that can brainwash the incautious ones. Proponents of conspiracy theories and chip vaccines should watch out because “Possessor” can sweep them off flat earth.

Brandon Cronenberg is the son of the legendary David Cronenberg. In his second full-length project the young director uses his parent’s cinematic fascinations and mixes them with the paranoid fears of Philip K. Dick, and then efficiently updates them and gives them freshness. The screen also features a great acting duo: Andrea Riseborough (“Mandy”) and Christopher Abbott (“It Comes After Dark”).


WORLD PREMIERE: Sundance Film Festival 2020


Age restriction: 18+


director: Brandon Cronenberg
screenwriter: Brandon Cronenberg
cast: Andrea Riseborough, Christopher Abbott, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tuppence Middleton, Sean Bean and others
director of photography: Karim Hussain
editor: Matthew Hannam
music: Jim Williams
language: English
subtitles: Polish