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# WTF / TROMA / zombies / mutants / nuclear weapon / super soldier / murderous rats / intelligent lobster / violence / fight / philosophy of life / apocalypse / melting bodies / online only



comedy, science fiction, action, horror / USA, Portugal / 2018 / 1 h 23 min


Friendship in the time of TROMA-pocalypse

Fearless Maria enters a super-secret military complex to free the first fully successful super soldier. However, during the mission not everything goes to plan. All of the unsuccessful experiments, the slow, furious and dangerous monsters that are not zombies at all (although their bites can infect others, they aren’t really zombies), are accidentally released. The city is in a state of chaos and there are terrible massacres. Maria and the beefy soldier don’t have a problem with getting through a horde of ruthless beasts… but that state of affairs won’t last long. On the way, she meets Pedro, an absent-minded man with a hangover. In an instant, their developing friendship is lit up by the mushroom cloud of an atomic explosion. The journey to the evacuation centre becomes even more hazardous. On their way, they have to confront zombie-like-creatures, mutated people, a murderous rat, a ninja dolphin and a humanoid lobster in a suit. They are followed by a military experiment programmed to kill. Such things are born only under the sign of the legendary TROMA!

In “Mutant Blast” one absurdity follows another. Every new idea is more twisted than all of the previous ones. The monsters are furious and possess the ability to rip rubber organs out of people. Heads crack with a pleasant splat, bodies melt, blood gushes from ripped off limbs, the jokes are bad and the mutations are terribly funny. It is impossible to get bored while watching a Fernando Alle production. The number of stupid ideas is so high that your brain will melt with enjoyment. However, another TROMA production isn’t only about guts, violence and gunge. It is worth listening to Jean-Pierre’s philosophical reflections about the contemporary world. He is a really smart guy… that is also a mutated lobster.

The co-producers of the film are Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz who are also the founders of TROMA and the creators of the cult movie “The Toxic Avenger”.


director: Fernando Alle
screenwriter: Fernando Alle
cast: Maria Leite, Pedro Barão Dias, Joaquim Guerreiro, João Vilas
cinematography: André Mendes
editor: Fernando Alle, Pedro Barão Dias, Francisco Lacerda
music: Antoni Maiovvi
language: Portuguese
subtitles: Polish


film’s age rate: 16+