WTF 2019
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black comedy, drama / USA / 2019 / 1h 45min

# WTF / porn / film industry / sex / humour / samurai swords / blood / Violence / fact-based / Polish premiere


“The Disaster Artist” of porn industry


Tom and Steve got to know each other on the set of an adult film and something sparked between them right away – nothing cements a male friendship as much as a shared interest in and love for the porn industry. The men also developed a common dream. They wanted to start their own film studio. However, as so often happens in show business, a great career was not the fate that fortune had in store for them. Both men were, unfortunately, classic industry “mops” – would-be actors without talent, presence and appropriate equipment. However, the two friends do not intend to give up so easily. They will do anything to realize their dream and squeeze what they can out of it…but will their desperate efforts end joyfully?

“Mope” is a surprisingly intuitive combination of an obscene comedy made in a pornographic style and a striking drama. Behind the camera, Lucas Heyne juggles stereotypes, distasteful jokes and emotional heartache. Slowly and with subtlety, the film transforms from a carefree visit behind the scenes of low-budget adult films into a story of desperation, fall and blind dreaming…well, not every American dream has to be wet.
Heyne didn’t have far to look for the idea of his’ story. Such fucked-up stories cannot simply be invented – life writes them.

WORLD PREMIERE: Sundance Film Festival

Age restrictions: 15+


LUBLIN: 12.12 (Tuesday) / at 8:00 p.m. / Centre of Culture / BUY TICKET

WARSAW: 7.12 (Saturday) / at 4:30 p.m. / Kinoteka room 2 / BUY TICKET


director: Lucas Heyne
screenplay: Michael Louis Albo, Lucas Heyne, David C Hill, Zack Newkirk
cast: Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Kelly Sry, Brian Huskey
director of photography: Bryan Koss
editor: Kern Saxton
music: Jonathan Snipes
language: English
subtitles: Polish