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thriller / Poland / 2022 / 29 min 41 s


After the death of his wife due to Parkinson’s disease, a respected professor working in a dissecting room wants to invent a breakthrough cure for this disorder. For this purpose, he conducts tests on pregnant women. The professor meets his Assistant, a young student, and begins to wrap him around his finger. Drawing the man into his dark interests, while trying to find an antidote. 


director: Tomasz Pulchny
screenwriters: Bianka Strzebońska, Tomasz Pulchny
cast: Cezary Żak, Karol Skoczek, Grażyna Zielińska, Marta Julia Skoczek, Andrzej Kroczyński, Elżbieta Okupska
cinematography: Mika Garbarczyk
editing: Dominik Czaja
music: Roman Hyla
language: Polish
subtitles: English
film’s age rate: 16+


Tomasz Pulchny
He graduated from the University of Silesia in Katowice with a master’s degree in the field of cultural studies, specializing in film studies. He became interested in cinema in his childhood, making various amateur films with friends. In pursuit of a serious career in the film industry, he recorded his amateur film debut “Droga do domu,” which premiered in 2020. Then, as a co-director, co-writer, and co-producer, he created the short film “The Final Solution,” where Michał Czernecki and Nel Kaczmarek played the main roles. He made his solo directing debut with a short fictional film “Minus One” in 2022.