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comedy / France /2018/Polish premiere

To stumble upon a corpse is just bad luck.

Police commissioner tries to solve a murder case with the interrogation of the Louis, who found a bloodied body near his apartment. Is the man just an unlucky bystander or in fact the man responsible for the murder? We will get to the bottom of it during one night at the police-station. Without sparks, blood and scare jumps, but with developed, funny and self-reflective dialogues. Every element counts: moustaches, haircuts, scenery, colours, aesthetics and of course splendid actors. Viewer is left with two of the heroes in one room in a movie with unusual structure: this is a relatively short thing for a feature-film production with a rather calm rhythm and a pinch of absurdity, so characteristic for Dupiex, director of the „Rubber”.

Music is discrete, yet the dialogues set the rhythm and build the soundtrack, which is a new move for the director, also known as one of the best French DJ’s in electronic music, techno and house. Famous for „Flat Beat” and creation of the yellow guy named „Mr Oizo”.

Plot seems to be quite simple but the film is very innovative. It challenges the clichés of detective films. On the one hand the story is realistic and on the other, it is irrational due to the eccentric characters.

It is challenging to take your eye of this full of nuances, inteligent, dark comedy set in the spirit of French cinema resembling the mood of the 70’s. Let yourself go in the world of interrogation, and maybe, just maybe with a hint of luck you will find another dead body in the closet.


PREMIERE: LE Rochelle International Film Festival 2018

LUBLIN: 29.11 (Thursday) / at 10:30 p.m. / Centre of Culture /
WARSAW:  06.12 (Thursday) / at 6:30 p.m. / Kinoteka – Sala 2 /


direction: Quentin Dupieux
script: Quentin Dupieux
direction of photography: Quentin Dupieux
editing: Quentin Dupieux
music: Guillaume Le Braz
cast: Benoit Poelvoorde, Gregoire Ludig, Marc Fraize
language: French
subtitles: Polish