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fantasy, sci-fi, war / Andora / 2018 / 12:40

Second World War. Marie wakes up wounded and disoriented in the middle of a Blizzard. In front, a mysterious forest separates her from her daughter.

Director’s bio: Alvaro was born on a snowy day in 1991 in Encamp (Principality of Andorra). His fondness for cinema started when he was a little boy, but he was not aware of it until later. Due to his love for the movie “Jurassic Park”, Alvaro had always wanted to become a paleontologist. After changing his mind several times in regards to his career, he later realized that he did not want to study that, but instead dreamed of being able to tell stories like those. After graduating high school with a degree in Arts and Communication, he decided to study Direction and Screenplay at the school of Barcelona, Bande à Part.

director: Alvaro Rodriguez Areny
screenplay: Alvaro Rodriguez Areny
director of photography: Olmo Sobrino
editing: Paula Peña
music: Miguel Espinosa & Carlos Lozano
cast: Aida Folch, Isak Férriz
language:French, English, Catalan
subtitles: Polish