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drama, horror/ USA, Canada/ 2018/Polish premiere

Nostalgic style with throwback to the 80’s.

Summer, 1984: the perfect time to be 15 years old, care free and with a pack of friends hunting a serial killer. Group of teenagers spy on a local police officer, suspecting that he is the killer the media talks about. Kids decide to run their own investigation which can turn very dangerous for them.

This film is a perfect, nostalgic return to the 80’s and also the newest production of the makers of „Turbo Kid”. This project is one of those rare gems, capturing what was so good about these movies. Big portion of childhood memories from the young days and the image of reality the children were in will appeal to everyone but also trigger fear when the carefree summer adventure turns to a dark thriller.

The year 1984 is not only the background, it constitutes the main inspiration for the story. The 80’s was the beginning of the end of the feeling of security and community of the suburbia. Urban crime started to infiltrate the streets, kids went missing, people started locking their doors. It was the time without cell phones, Internet or tablets, when information travelled more slowly than gossip. Our world was filled with adventures and mysteries, feeding our obsession with ghosts, aliens, and murder stories. It was the best time for cinema and „Summer of 84” is the perfect example of it. Respect and true love for the cinema is clearly visible here.


PREMIERE: Sundance Film Festival 2018

age limits: 16+
LUBLIN: 30.11 (Friday) / at 7:00 p.m / Kino CK /
WARSAW: 07.12 (Friday) / at 6:00 p.m. / Kinoteka – Sala 2/


direction: François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell (RKSS)
script: Matt Leslie, Stephen J. Smith
direction of photography: Jean-Philippe Bernier
editing: Austin Andrews
music: Jean-Philippe Bernier, Jean-Nicolas Leupi, Le Matos
cast: Graham Verchere, Judah Lewis, Caleb Emery
language: English
subtitles: Polish