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# violence / corporations / online only



horror, action, comedy / USA / 2017 / 1 h 30 min



Hostile work conditions.

A big corporation is attacked by a virus which strips the infected of all the restraints and social norms. When the firm’s building is quarantined and cut off from the rest of the world, the evil accumulates inside, and the employees show their true selves, knowing that they won’t be held accountable for any, even the most violent or amoral behaviour, because they will be justified by the illness caused by the virus. A frustrated employee Derek (played by Steven Yeun from “The Walking Dead”) can finally take revenge on his boss and co-workers. He won’t stop at anything in his quest for justice, in which he will be accompanied by Melanie – an angry client. They have to get things done before the quarantine ends.
“Mayhem” is an intelligent bloody comedy whose pace is akin to that of a roller-coaster. The film’s author is Joe Lynch – actor, producer, and director who specialises in genre cinema, especially horror. According to Variety, the film brings to mind “Die Hard” mixed with zombie apocalypse. But most of all, the picture is a brutal criticism of capitalism. It brings up a question: what would we do in a situation like that? If the social norms would cease to exist for a period of time, if we would stop suppressing our emotions and deepest desires? Who would we want to take revenge on at our workplace? Well, some questions are better left without an answer…


director: Joe Lynch
screenwriter: Matias Caruso
cast: Steve Yeun, Samara Weaving, Dallas Mark Roberts, Caroline Chikezie, Mark Stewart Frost, Kerry Fox, Lucy Chappell & Steven Brand
cinematography: Steve Gainer

editing: Josh Ethier
music: Steve Moore
language: English
subtitles: Polish

WORLD PREMIERE: SXSW Film Festival 2017

film’s age rate: 16+