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horror/ Poland / 2017 / 8:12

The world is full of bad people. You never know when one of them will appear in your live. Vincent, who lived in a god-forsaken place did not know that either. As usual, he was preparing dinner in the evening when he heard a knock on the door.

The woman behind the door asks Vincent for help. The man thinks it over and then lets her in. Unexpectedly, two hooded men in masks enter the house. The woman is their victim. Men are armed, and one of them is wounded. Obviously, something obviously went. One of the aggressors is aiming a gun at Wincenty. The man does not know what to expect from them. Will he be able to help a woman and, at the same time, escape unharmed?



direction: Michał “Radziej” Radziejewski
script: Michał “Radziej” Radziejewski
direction of photography: Maciej Piórek
editing: Michał “Radziej” Radziejewski
cast: Sebastian Stankiewicz, Małgorzata Kozłowska, Adam Retmaniak, Mateusz Śniechowski
language: Polish
subtitles: N/A