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#POLISH PREMIERE | fear and terror | holidays | all inclusive | folk horror | slasher | survival | the balkans | bad eye | folklore | USA | 70s 80s slasher vibe | psychedelic | realistic experience | anxiety | tension | bad decisions | holiday acquaintances | Serbia | 16mm | Super8 | Vinegar Syndrome



horror | USA | 2023
World premiere: Fantasia Festival 2023
Polish premiere: Splat!FilmFest



Cass and Gav travel to the Balkans and meet a frivolous, overy expansive local who introduces himself as ‘Saint Peter’. It’s a type of guy that no one would wish to meet in a dark alley. This impression gets even stronger thanks to a cataract that covers part of his eye and shines creepily in the darkness. But Gav doesn’t want to rely neither on Cass’s opinion nor on his common sense. What will that lead to? You can easily imagine.

„Eight Eyes” is a horror that – thanks to its vibe and realization – reminds the viewers of slashers from the ‘70s and ‘80s. It was shot using 16mm and Super8 cameras and inspired by classics: the first „Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, but also by less acknowledged productions, e.g. the Italian „Death Train”, distributed also as „Beyond the Door III”, as well as the popular series „Hostel”. Balkan folklore, psychedelic esthetics and grainy image which gives the impression of being part of the story make „Eight Eyes” not only a movie, but an experience. During screening, you will feel Cass’s anxiety, which will turn into primal fear, and you will feel trapped just like she does in the movie. After watching you will think twice, before you say something to a stranger while on holiday. And for sure you won’t choose the Balkans as your holiday destination. We expect that after the premiere of „Eight Eyes”, tourism in Serbia will be in big trouble.

Emily Sweet, an American actress who is slowly becoming the new „scream queen”, takes care of the vibe of the movie. Splat!FilmFest’s viewers may know her from „V/H/S/99” which we showed during the latest edition of the festival. But Sweet has also took part in production of the newest version of the Lovecraftian „Castle Freak” and „Cry Havoc” where she played with a popular and valued Charles Bronson’s double: Robert Bronzi.

„Eight Eyes” is Austin Jennings’ debut as a director. He has produced nearly 90 episodes of „The last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs”, a very popular show in the USA, in which Joe Bob Briggs presents classics to the viewers, which are sometimes unknown to the audience. He does it as a double feature, so exactly like in the old times of a drive-in cinema. Jennings had a lot of material which served as an inspiration. And he created a masterpiece. You will get the impression of going back in time. And you will want to go back as soon as possible.

Film was made in Serbia and partially produced by Vinegar Syndrome Pictures. It is the first production of the company which takes care of horror fans like no one else.

director: Austin Jennings
screenwriter: Austin Jennings, Matthew Frink
cast: Emily Sweet, Bradford Thomas, Bruno Veljanovski
photography: Sean Dahlberg
language: English, Serbian
subtitles: Polish, English
duration: 1h 26min
recommended age: 18+