WTF 2017
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romantic, horror, comedy / USA / 2016 / 77’
# strangeness / romance / America Class B / eating hair / polish premiere
23.09 (Saturday) / at 1:00 p.m. / Sala Widowiskowa / BUY TICKET (10 PLN)

Bon appetit!
A young man Eli finds himself in an unenviable situation. On the same day, he has lost his job, his girlfriend and his flat. Now he sets about starting  a new life. However, his plans turn turtle the moment he meets an intriguing girl. It transpires  that they both share the same foible, which is hair eating.
„Are we not cats” is the first full-length film by Xander Robin. The strategy adopted by the novice director is – to say the least – quite daring. As a debutant, Robin comes out to be rebellious and unwilling to bow to the strict conventions of the genre.  Quite the opposite: he makes free with any aspect he fancies about cinematography. This list is long and includes such items as drama, body horror, comedy, romance, and gore.  Robin intersperses genre forms and weaves an eclectic pattern in which chaos is only apparent. In the final result, particular elements balance out the burdens of each other’s conventions, which makes the entirety free from any strict frames. It is because the film has an ambiguous tone: neither just amusing nor just horrifying, or distressing, or disgusting. It is what it is and things just happen in it. POLISH PREMIERE
PREMIERE: Venice Film Festival

direction: Xander Robin
script: Xander Robin
direction of photography: Matt Clegg
editing: Dustin Waldman
music: Garret H. Morris
cast: Michael Patrick Nicholson, Chelsea Lopez, Michael Godere,
Adeline Thery
Producenci: Joshua Sobel, Theo Brooks, Tatiana Bears

rightholder: Cleopatra
subtitles: Polish