There is love in our violence.

Splat!FilmFest is the biggest horror film festival in Poland. We’ve been scaring the audience since 2015 in Lublin, Poland. Our mission is to present dark, brutal, wild, and beautiful cinema.

The core of our programme is made up of première screenings of the best and most important horror films from all around the world which are not yet in distribution in Poland. We reveal uncompromising, bold, and blood red cinema to the Polish audience. The majority of the films are Polish premières of features shot in Europe and all around the world, made by outstanding contemporary film-makers, as well as debutants.

We don’t hold back on brutal thrillers, dark dramas, bloody black comedies, animations, or utterly insane films. We value variety. A solid dose of horror masterpieces from all four corners the world mixed with some cult classics sends a lovely chill down our spines and makes our hearts beat faster too. We go an extra mile when it comes to the festival’s setting and its eerie atmosphere, which will make all those brave enough to participate shiver with fear. Carl Gustav Jung said that “one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious”. And we fully agree.

It’s true that horror is the unruly kid of the film-verse, and he’s been making trouble for a long time now, because the history of cinema is the story of fear and terror as well. Or should we say – the story of life and death? Splat!FilmFest reminds everyone that broadly defined horror is a very important phenomenon from the point of view of film history in general, it is diverse and rich in superb productions. This genre still has a lot to say and to show. That’s why, at our festival, you’ll find both unmitigated entertainment and great cinema.

“We don’t want false, polished, slick films – we prefer them rough, unpolished, but alive; we don’t want rosy films – we want them the colour of blood.” (The Film-makers’ Cooperative, 1962)

Splat!FilmFest Crew

Splat!FilmFest 3
(September 15-24, 2017)

International horror film festival Splat!FilmFest 3 is going to be held on 15-24 September in the Centre for Culture in Lublin (12 Peowiaków st.) It is a great offer for the discerning fans of horrors, as well as violent, seamy and insane films. Splat!FilmFest is, most of all, a place of premières of the top and paramount horrors and thrillers from 2017 and 2016.
This year’s program includes 45 films.
Our special guest is Julius Ramsay, the director of “The Walking Dead”, “Outcast”, and “Scream”, who was nominated for Primetime Emmy twice. He’s coming to Lublin especially for Splat!FilmFest with hisdark thriller “Midnighters”, which premièred this year at Los Angeles Film Festival.
The films are divided into thematic blocks. FEAR and TERROR (STRACH i TERROR) with the most horrifying and violent films such as “Hound of Love”, “Killing Ground” or the pre-premiere screening of “Maus” (a harrowing survival horror commenting on war and terrorism).
GILR POWER provides us with films which kick ass of the stereotypical portrayal of women (“68 Kill”, “Tragedy Girls”, “M.F.A”).
In the WTF block, there are some really peculiar ones, including the most obnoxious film in the world – “Kuso” (Sundance Film Festival 2017).
There are also bloody and intelligent comedies in the HORRIBLY FUNNY (STRASZNIE ŚMIESZNIE) block, for instance, “Mayhem” (with Steven Yeun from “The Walking Dead”) or “Dead Shack” which refers to cult horrors form the 80s.
The section CULT CLASSICS provides with an opportunity to watch cult horrors on the big screen, including the review of Andrzej Żuławski’s films. After his famous “Possession”, there will be a meeting with Xawery Żuławski, a director as well, who will be talking about the works of his father.
At Splat!FilmFest there are also LECTURES, during which, surely, no one will fall asleep. We will discuss the VHS market in Poland in the period of political transformation, clowns, image of women in horror and the films of Wes Craven.
The novelty at Splat!FilmFest is the block FOR KIDS (DLA DZIECI), where one may enjoy the digitally reconstructed film “Academy of Mr Kleks”.
What is more, there will be a surprise screening, meeting with Stefan Darda, a synthwave party and gifts for the members of the audience who will take part in the vote for the best films of the festival.

The Audience Awards (features) will be presented in 6 categories: scariest film, most shocking film, best special effects, best film, best script, best direction

We are TERRRRRIBLY happy to invite you to Splat!FilmFest, the only one of its kind festival in Poland! Let the blood flow!
Monika Stolat & Splat!FilmFest Crew 2017

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