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comedy, science-fiction / USA / 2020 / 1h 34m

# WTF / TROMA / sludge / absurd / black humor / satire / abominations / blood / violence / drugs / orcas / laxatives / taboo / laxatives / mad scientist / sex / Polish premiere



Shakespeare had “The Tempest”, so Kaufman did a shitstorm…


Lloyd Kaufman started to adapt the works of William Shakespeare? Anyone who has dealt with the works of the legendary TROMA studio can be sure that it will simply be a shitty interpretation. So this is exactly what the most faithful fans of slime and kitsch productions might want! Mad scientist Prospero flees to the famous Tromaville, where he is hiding from his sister (Kaufman himself, of course, in the role of both siblings) and a pharmaceutical corporation that has ruined his career. The man in his maniac’s studio has a plan of revenge. And not just any plan… it is a really fucked-up revenge! Prospero sinks his enemies’ ship with a whale laxative – “Free Willy” will never sound the same again – and with a powerful storm. Those alive, but battered, go to Tromaville, where revenge can be fully accomplished!

“#Shakespeare’s Shitstorm” is TROMA in its “purest” form. Lloyd Kaufman’s latest production is rife with absurdity, sick jokes and is a hideous satire on American culture and society. Studio fans will have the best of sludge cinema here, random viewers, on the other hand, can experience irreversible shock. The amount of blood, guts and fecal matter flowing through the screen is so large here that you can get seasickness from it. Under the guise (or rather a layer of thick goo), Kaufman’s fans will notice that the production is primarily a summary of the career of the legendary and insolent director and a metaphorical journey that he had to take in his life. As you can see, instead of bed of roses, his journey was strewn with thick…


WORLD PREMIERE: Fantasia Internetional Film Festival 2020


Age restriction: 18+


director: Lloyd Kaufman
screenwriters: Lloyd Kaufman, Brandon Bassham, Gabriel Friedma
cast: Lloyd Kaufman, Erin Patrick Miller, Abraham Sparrow, Kate McGarrigle, Amanda Flowers, Debbie Rochon, Frazer Brown and others
director of photography: Lucas Pitassi
editor: Seby X. Martínez
language: English
subtitles: Polish