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psychological thriller / 2020 / Poland / 19:40 min


Wojtek gets a smartwatch for his birthday. While using his new gadget, he finds out about his nocturnal activity he does not remember. Initially, he suspects that the gift does not work well. However, some things in his life are getting more and more weird. Wojtek starts the investigation which ends up in the confrontation with himself.


director: Joanna Deja, Łukasz Deja
script: Joanna Deja, Łukasz Deja
director of photography: Mariusz Rychłowski
editing: Joanna Deja, Łukasz Deja, Sylwester Zielonka
music: Łukasz Deja, Patryk Nowak, Wojciech Męclewski
cast: Wojciech Solarz, Magdalena Pociecha, Krzysztof Kiersznowski, Mateusz Mosiewicz, Agata Garczyńska
language: Polish
subtitles: English