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drama, romance, thriller/France, Mexico, Switzerland/ 2018/ Polish premiere/

Brutal murders and cheap porn straight from Cannes.

Summer of 1979, Paris. Anne (Venessa Paradis) produces third-rate gay porn. After her lover, Lois, and at the same time editor, leaves her, she decides to regain love and with the help of a passionate assistant Archibald record her most ambitious film till this date. When one of the actors is brutally murderd, Anne is tangled in a bizzare investigation that turns her life upside down. History of a real French female director of gay adult movies was an inspiration for this film. She was active in the seventies, a passionate alcoholic and lesbian that was in love with her editor. She had a reputation for being harsh and unpredictable. Apparently she forced her actors to do humiliating things during the casting session. In short, she was a colourful person.

The director was able to talk with her associates, old competitors and friends. He collected a vast documentation and decided to establish this history all over again. He created a fictional character from a real one, retaining some strands of her life and half of her name. Something in a manner of a secret spiritual tribute for his underground heroine. Film resembles a theme park: you enroll on a ride but you have no idea what you are up against. We will give away that you will encounter a crazy, brutal and subversive cinema that is not afraid to cross borders and ruthlessly plays with the genre. He mixes fantasy, horror and giallo adding his own strong emotional aspect. In a sentimental but sinister tone, he was able to capture the mood of the Italian cinematography of the seventies, yet without creating a pastiche but a fresh, contemporary image.



PREMIERE: Cannes Film Festival 2018

110 ‘
age limits: 16+
Lublin: 30.11 (Friday) / at 11:00 p.m. / Kino CK /
WARSZAWA: 07.12 (Friday) /at 10:30 p.m. / Kinoteka – Sala 1/


direction: Yann Gonzalez
script: Yann Gonzales, Cristiano Mangione
direction of photography: Simon Beaufils
editing: Raphaël Lefčvre 
music: M83
cast: Vanessa Paradis, Nicolas Maury, Kate Moran, Jonathan Genet, Khaled Alouach, Félix Maritaud
language: French, Spanish
subtitles: Polish, English