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documentary / Italy / 2020 / 1h 33min

# docs / art / cinema / history / movie posters / Polish premiere



Master’s poster


Some movie posters are real gems. Since childhood, we dream that some of them would hang on the wall above our beds and become proof of our love for the cinema. Inseparable from cult productions, they often turn into carriers of associations and emotions that are difficult to describe. Hearing about Raimi’s “Army of Darkness”, “Conan the Barbarian” with Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bond’s “Octopussy”, we have specific images before our eyes. And we cannot imagine that they can be replaced. However, while admiring movie posters (and especially those that make an electrifying impression), do you wonder who created them? Who managed to capture the character of the film and immortalize it in the picture? Here’s a story of the last living movie poster artist.

“The Last Movie Painter” is an extremely interesting journey through the life and work of Renato Casaro – a man who is one of the most important living illustrators associated with a movie poster. A brilliant poster artist in a documentary directed by Walter Bencini invites us to his studio, where he talks about his life and career. He shares with viewers a captivating story full of anecdotes and memories related to the cooperation with great people of cinema and his participation in the golden age of the Italian cinema. Casaro easily prepossesses the viewer with his sensitivity and incredible talent. “The Last Movie Painter” is also a nostalgic journey into the passing realm of the film industry, which may never be as extraordinary as it used to be.

The film is supplemented by statements of people related to cinema. On the screen we will see, among others, Dario Argento, the Italian horror master and creator of the cult “Suspiria”, as well as Aurelio De Laurentis, Terence Hill and Carlo Verdone.


WORLD PREMIERE: Trieste Film Festival 2020


Age restriction: 12+


director: Walter Bencini
cast: Dario Argento, Aurelio De Laurentiis, Federico Mauro, Enrico Vanzina, Carlo Verdone and others
director of photography: Walter Bencini, Diego Falconieri
editor: Walter Bencini
language: Italian
subtitles: Polish