Landmine Goes Click
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Landmine Goes Click


thriller / Georgia / 2015 / 110 min. /

Thursday (15.09), 19:00 /
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Don’t you dare move.

A group of American adventurers travel through the wilderness of European Georgia. Suddenly, one of them steps on a landmine. The man is trapped, because stepping off the mine or even the slightest move may cause it to explode. The situation becomes even more complicated when a mysterious stranger living nearby appears on the scene.

This intense, unpredictable psychological thriller takes the viewer out of their comfort zone by asking whether revenge is always sweet.


Directed by: Levan Bakhia
Written by: Adrian Colussi
Cinematography: Vigen Vartanov
Edited by: Levan Bakhia
Music by: Peke Begashvili, Beda Jcuburia
Starring: Sterling Knight, Spencer Locke, Dean Geyer
Producer: Irakli Chikvaidze, Nika Apriashvili
Production company: Sarke Studio
Languages: English, Georgian, Russian
Subtitles: Polish