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horror, thriller / the UK / 2016 / 120 min. /

Saturday (17.09), 20:30 /
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After the screening you are welcome to join the meeting with special guests Dan Pringle, the director and Adam J. Merrifield, the producer of ‘K-shop’.

You are what you eat.

Salah, a young student, comes back home to support his ill father and run his declining kebab bar. Soon after this, his father is killed by a group of drunk customers, which drives Salah to despair. Feeling helpless, Salah finally decides to run the family business on his own. He has an opportunity to observe the night life and partying lifestyle of British people from behind the counter. When the vulgar behaviour of the drunk clientele crosses the boundaries of good taste, Salah wants to fight for his dignity and avenge his father. To achieve this goal, he resorts to an extremely brutal solution.

The film is a blood and guts drenched satire of the consumer society where the culture of alcohol drinking and the vulgar partying lifestyle are a daily reality. Despite the brutal scenes, the movie is thought-provoking and who knows, maybe it will make some viewers think about Polish lifestyle partying?

Directed by: Dan Pringle
Written by: Dan Pringle
Cinematography: Chris Fergusson
Edited by: Dan Pringle
Music by: Nina Humphreys
Starring: Ziad Abaza, Scot Williams, Darren Morfitt, Reece Noi, Kristin Atherton
Produced by: Adam J. Merrifield
Production company: White Lantern Film
Language: English
Subtitles: Polish